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Fire Hydrant Valves
Fire Globe Valve
Glove Valve
  • Horizontal, oblique, right angle, or bib nose
  • Dual seat
  • Offshore & onshore use
Fire Gate Valve
fire gate valve
  • Used in dry riser systems
  • Optional strap and padlock
Pumping-in Breeching
Pumping In Breeching
  • 2-inlet breechings for 4" risers and 4-inlet breechings for 6" risers
Dry Riser Cabinets
Dry Riser Cabinet
  • For inlet breechings and outlet valves
  • Mild steel painted red with georgian glass door
Ball Valves
Ball Valve
  • Light alloy or nickel plated brass
  • With 2.1/2" instantaneous connections



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Fire Hydrant Valves

Our gunmetal fire hydrant valves are used to provide efficient fire protection on and offshore and in multi-floor buildings. We offer dual seat fire hydrant valves which are available in four styles- right angle, horizontal, oblique, bib nose and are often used in wet riser systems. Our pressure regulating valve is designed to maintain uniform pressure in the fire main. Dry riser fire hydrant gate valves are placed in buildings on each floor of a dry riser installation, usually inside a dry riser outlet cabinet. The pumping in breechings are used by fire services to connect their water supply to the dry riser system.

Fire Hydrant Globe Valve

fire hydrant globe valve

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Fire Hydrant Valve for Gibraltar

Gibraltar fire hydrant valve

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Pressure Regulating Valve

pressure regulating valve

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Fire Hydrant Gate Valve

fire hydrant gate valve

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Dry Riser Pumping-in Breeching

dry riser pumping in breeching

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Dry Riser Cabinet

dry riser cabinet

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Ball Valves

ball valve

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