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Fire Suits
Aluminised Fire Suits
Aluminised Fire Suit
  • Made from aluminised rayon
  • MED approved version available
Aluminised Hood
aluminised hood
  • With clear polycarbonate curved visor or gold fired visor
  • Nomex felt liner
Nomex Fire Suit
Nomex Fire Suit
  • MED approved for marine use
  • With moisture barrier & thermal lining
FR Underwear
FR Underwear
  • Made from knitted nomex
  • Vests, Shorts, Socks and Balaclavas
Fire Gloves
Fire Gloves
  • Blue shearguard leather gloves to EN659
  • Kevlar lining



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Fire Retardant Clothing

We show below fire retardant clothing ranging from aluminised close proximity fire suits to firemen's gloves & boots. The aluminised fire suits are available as an aluminised coverall or two piece aluminised jacket and trousers complete with fire gloves and firemen's helmet or aluminised hood. Two MED approved fire suits are offered for marine use, an aluminised fire suit and a nomex fire suit. The nomex fire suits are multi-layered. Flame retardant underwear is recommended for extra protection.

Aluminised fire suit

aluminised fire suit

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Aluminised hood

aluminised hood

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Nomex Fire Suit

nomex fire suit

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Flame Retardant Underwear

flame retardent underwear

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Fire Gloves

fire glove

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Firemens Rubber Boots

rubber fire boot

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Firemens Leather Boots

leather fire boot

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