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Jet/spray Branchpipes
jet/spray branchpipe
  • Lever operated
  • With on/off shut off valve
  • For fire fighting and wash down purposes
Unifire jet/spray Branchpipes
unifire jet/spray branchpipes
  • Twist action jet/spray
  • With on/off valve
  • Made from chromium plated brass with rubber cover for marine use
Diffuser Branchpipes
diffuser branchpipes
  • Twist action jet/spray/off
  • Compact integral design
  • Light alloy or gunmetal
Hose Reel Nozzle
Hose reel nozzle
  • Red nylon jet/spray/off.
  • With 3/4" or 1" hose tail inlet
  • Flow at 3 bar is 67 LPM on spray
Water/foam Monitor
water/foam monitor
  • Either lever operated or geared elevation
  • 360° rotation and 130° vertical movement



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Branchpipes & Couplings

The branchpipe or nozzle is used on a hose line to increase the velocity of the water as it approaches the end of the hose and to provide control as the water leaves the hose. Most branchpipes have a mechanism which shuts off the water supply or changes the flow to a jet or a spray. We offer branchpipes with lever controlled ball valve, or twist action control. Instantaneous couplings are used for connecting hoses together and adaptors convert from one connection system to another e.g. instantaneous to BSP thread.

Multipurpose Jet/Spray Branchpipes

FC1 branchpipe

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Unifire Jet/Spray branchpipes

Unifire branchpipe

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Diffuser branchpipes

diffuser nozzles

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Attack Select Flow Branchpipes

Attack select flow branchpipe

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Foam/Water monitor

Foam/Water Monitor

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Instantaneous couplings and adaptors

instantaneous couplings

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Storz Couplings and Adaptors

storz coupling

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