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Chemical Protection
PVC Boilersuits
PVC boilersuits
  • PVC coated nylon or softer EPVC fabric
  • High visibility version available
Nitrile Long Gloves
nitrile long glove
  • With integral nitrile sleeve
  • For chemical protection
PVC Gloves
PVC Glove
  • With 100% cotton interlock lining
  • Heavyweight resistant to concentrated chemicals
Rubber Gauntlets
rubber glove
  • Black natural rubber gloves & gauntlets
  • 27, 43 or 60cm lengths
Nitirle Gloves
nitrile gloves
  • Resists aggressive chemicals including solvents, oils, greases, petrol



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Chemical Protection

Products below provide excellent chemical protection for a variety of workers. PVC boilersuits are available in three different fabrics, all are chemical resistant but some have additional flame retardent or antistatic qualities. PVC hoods, sleeves, aprons and gloves provide complete chemical protection and for more specialised chemical resistance we offer nitrile or rubber gloves and gauntlets. For laboratory workers there are chemical lab coats. For breathing protection see details below of our respirators and a breathing air tester.

Chemical protection

pvc boilersuit

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Rubber Gauntlets

rubber gloves

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PVC gloves

pvc glove

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Long Nitrile Gauntlet

long nitrile glove

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Nitrile Gloves

nitrile glove

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Air Tester

air tester

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