Foulds Clark
For all your fire fighting needs
  • With or without double check valve
  • Single or double outlet
Key and Bar
key and bar
  • Light alloy key has inner storage for bar
  • Mild steel key is more economical
Dividing Breeching
DIviding Breeching
  • Splits one hose line into two or three
  • With 2.1/2" instantaneous connections
  • Shut off valves available
Instantaneous Fittings
instantaneous adaptor
  • Light alloy couplings and adaptors
  • Instantaneous to hose tail or to BSP thread
Suction Strainers
Suction Strainers
  • For use with suction hose
  • Aluminium or wicker baskets strainers
  • Three sizes: 3", 4" & 5.5"



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Standpipes & Fire Fittings

Standpipes connect to underground fire hydrants to provide a supply of pressurised water. Versions offered are single or double headed standpipes with or without a double check valve. Hydrant keys turn the water supply on and are used in conjunction with standpipes. Our hydrant flow gauge plugs into the standpipe to check the water flow rate in the mains. Other fire brigade fittings shown here distribute or collect water as required and suction strainers filter out solid material from the water supply.

Standpipes with instantaneous outlet


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Hydrant Flow gauge & Mains Testing outfit

hydrant flow gauge

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Dividing and collecting breechings

dividing breeching

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Collecting Heads

collecting head

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Blank Caps

instantaneous blank caps

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Aluminium Suction Strainers

cylindrical suction strainer

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Wicker Basket Suction Strainers

wicker basket strainer

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